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Furgo Renault Trafic 1986 camperizada homologada

Villaviciosa, Asturias, España
Motor: Renault
Año: 1986
146.000 km

Furgo Renault Trafic 1986 camperizada homologada

– A unique opportunity –

An old guy with an young soul!
It was stopped for a long time, now fully loved it is ready to keep on moving.


Manual gear <
Diesel <
146.000kms <


**The Cottage**

In 2021 we fully renovated the cottage area of the van and we left all the original outputs (toilet, shower, sink, air extractor) by building everything customized around it!

Water <
it has 3 tanks: Drinking 133L, gray and black.
All tree of them have it’s own access from outside also a 20m hose included.
* There is the sink and the shower area connected to the gray tank and the toilet to the black.

Gas <
Connected to the heater and a cooker with two burners.

Electric <
It has an auxiliary AGM 140AHM battery that can be charged while traveling or connected to the 220v.
*Water pump, lights in led, fan/air extractor, 2x USB, outside led light, external connection 220v plus 25m of electrical cable.
*While connected 220v the van have 3x power points inside plus all the electrical panel will be running on the 220v.

Waterproof <
The wood in the wet zone and benches are covered with epoxy resin and the floor is in PVC that are also water resistant.

Double isolation <
Plus the wood that give it a nice atmosphere and temperature in the full sun or in the snow.

The furniture has large storage capacity <

Bed hooked on the roof, always ready <

Sofa convertible into a small bed or an angle couch <

Two mobile tables <

External connection for tend <


**Mechanic history**

Last review service carried out in October/2022
*New front tires, engine oil, filter and batteries.

Our mechanic of trust in Italy encouraged us to work on the cottage once the structure is not rusty and the engine and motor are running very well.
It took us to a deep clean with oils and in the end it was just dirty from being stopped for a long time.
Now the van is happy running at 110kmph on the high ways.
Also we live near the mountains and his strong engine faced any steep even full loaded with things and water ( as I said a young soul ! ).



We restored the van for our own use with all our love and care, due nature of life our plans has changed and we are moving continents as soon as we sell it.


Get in touch for more information!

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Villaviciosa, Asturias, España
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